Traveling to Iran: All You Need to Know


Most foreign nationals need a visa to access Iran except for passport-holders from: Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela. The two main steps for the visa application are the following. First, you need the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran that will issue a visa code. Second, you file an application form to the embassy that will then issue your visa.

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Money and Currency

Credit cards are not yet usable in Iran; all payments should be done in cash. The Iranian official currency is Rial (IRR) but the common unit for the public is the Toman (1 Toman = 10 Rial). Currency exchange counters and special banks branches are available at the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) and around Tehran city.


Dress Code

Men are requested to avoid wearing short shorts and extremely short sleeves and tight shirts in public.

Women are expected to cover their head and hair with a scarf, while wearing long-sleeve shirts to cover their hands and loose clothing that covers the body. Foreign women are not however expected to wear a burka or anything that fully covers the body.



Iranians are very keen on engaging with foreigners although foreign languages are not commonly spoken. Exhibitors are advised to hire a translator. If you are unable to do so and require a translator, kindly inform us ahead of time to provide you with one. Translators will be provided on a daily charge basis and the cost will vary according to the selected language(s).

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