Co- Ordination Required with Ministries to obtain trade license


The functions of the “Business Consultancy Services Firm” is determined as follows:

  1. Provision of information and necessary advice to Foreign Investors.
  2. Coordination required in respect of affairs related to securing necessary licenses.
  3. Co-ordination required to process partners documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Interiors Tehran – Iran.
  4. Coordination required in respect of affairs related to foreign investment subsequent to the issuance of the Investment License in-including registration of joint venture company, registration of orders, and issues related to importation and repatriation of capital, customs and tax affairs, etc.
  5. Coordination required to be established by representatives of the agencies among executive departments of their respective agencies in respect of applications for foreign Investment.
  6. Coordination required in respect of affairs related to issuance of visa, residence and work permits for individuals related to Foreign Investment after the license is issued & work permit card processed by ministry of works.
  7. Monitoring the good performance of decisions made in respect of Foreign Investments.

Address: Khorasan Razavi Center of Investment Services Khorasan Razavi Economic and Finance Affairs Organization       

8. th floor- Khayyam blvd- Mashhad- Khorasan Razavi – Iran