Requirements for Submission of Visa Code Application

(Please Read Carefully)


  • Crystal clear 1 page color passport copies, scanned passport size photos required all applicants by PDF attachment, preferably in one folder for all applicants.
  • Enclosed excel application spread sheet, should be duly filed in completely. (We will send the latest application form when the guests ready to apply) One excel application sheet can be filled for the entire family or a group)
  • It is obligatory to provide the detailed itinerary, flight details  address & telephone numbers of each hotel at the time of submission of visa code application.                                                                          Note: Our company visa section officer will do the needful for all such requirements once details & required documents received from individuals, families & group leaders.


Visa Code Fee & General Info


  1. Iran visa code fee= 35 US $ per person for all nationalities.
  2. Iran visa code fee for US Nationals= 50US $ per person
  3. It normally takes 1-3 weeks to get the visa approval code from MFA (Ministry of foreign affairs – Tehran)
  4. Visa codes can be sent at any IR Embassy or Consulate in the world.
  5. Any nationalities residing in Canada or US can send their passports by courier service to IR Embassy Washington D.C. for stamping & if return courier service charges prepaid, than IR Embassy will send the passports back to your required address.
  6. Iran visa codes will remain valid for the period of one month once issued by MFA – Tehran
  7. Once Iran visa stamped on passports, it is than valid for 3 more months prior to entering Iran.
  8. Visa stamping fee should be paid directly to the Embassy or Consulate of Iran, wherever in the world. Visa stamping fee varies for different nationalities.


  • US citizens:

English speaking Iranian guide certified by the IR ministry of tourism is obligatory.It will cost 68 US $ per day for the length of stay in Iran for US citizens.(Only 1 guide is required regardless for a single person, a family or a group).


NOTE: visa codes for us citizens are on hold till further notification by MFA

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